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LUCKY SYMBOLS | Side bet for roulette tables
Side bet for roulette that pay higher odds
Add slot reels and high payouts to roulette tables

Add Slot Reels & High Payouts to Roulette!

LUCKY SYMBOLS is a simple, yet captivating side bet for roulette that boasts an extraordinary scope for customisation. Bet spots are added to the roulette layout - each containing a bespoke Lucky Symbol - and a slot reel animation on the Billboard Display ‘selects’ one symbol per game. Players that have placed bets on the winning symbol are paid at the corresponding odds.

Casino operator chooses paytable and graphical theme for symbols, to suit roulette player preferences. The potential for large payouts at an increased house edge, coupled with the side bet’s unique look and bespoke nature, makes Lucky Symbols a valuable addition to the gaming floor.

How To Play?

Place bet on one of more of the lucky symbol side bets. If the corresponding lucky symbol appears on the Billboard Display slot reel, you win. The dealer clears away all losing bets and pays out on the winning number combinations and side bets.

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