side bet

SPREAD-BET | Roulette side bet for high payouts
Side bet for roulette game that pay higher odds
Spread-Bet offers roulette players new & exciting side bets on traditional felt, with attractively high odds.

Spread-Bet Roulette is a popular roulette side bet that works seamlessly with DISPLAY and MERCURY360 roulette wheel. The player betting spots are positioned on a standard sized roulette cloth. Having no impact on the speed of the base game, roulette players can now enjoy new betting options with highly attractive maximum payouts. 

Spread-bets are placed at the beginning of each game alongside (or instead of) traditional roulette bets. Two concentric roulette number rings appear on the display, spinning in opposing directions. At 'No More Bets', both rings stop, randomly aligning the numbers. The winning roulette number then determines which two numbers are added together to make the final Spread-Bet value. Players bet on the spread into which this value falls.

The beauty of Spread-Bet Roulette is in its openness. As with the traditional game, results come directly from the mechanics of the wheel itself: no algorithms or random number generators are involved. This transparency, coupled with the dramatic look of the side-bet and its increased odds and house edges, makes Spread-Bet Roulette perfect for thrill-seekers and roulette purists alike.

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